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Camera Package (Motion):
Arri Alexa Plus 4:3 - Highspeed, Anamorphic, Raw Licenses
Canon C200 - Raw Recording, Highspeed
Z Cam E2c - Raw Recording
Fuji XT3 - H264, H265 

Spherical Cine Lenses:
XEEN CINE - 24m, 35m, 50m, 85m (EF)
SONY SCL MK1 - 35m, 50m, 85m (PL)
AUTO CHINON - 24m, 50m, 85m, 135m (EF)

Anamorphic Cine Lenses:

VAZEN  - 50m, 85m


G&E : 
Aputure 300D (4)
Aputure 120dII (1)
Aputure MC + Bulbs
Quasar Science Tubes

C-Stands + Rigging Gear


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